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About Pro-actions

Pro-actions are results-focused business improvement specialists. We help business owners from start-up to small corporate who all have one thing in common – they know their companies have more potential than they are currently achieving and they want to do something about it but they recognise they need a bit of help.

We help owners address their issues, improve their results and kick start growth and we help businesses achieve their full potential so they provide their owners with the lifestyles they want. We ensure that each business owner knows and understands the results of their business so we can see where to make improvements, be that in financial controls, marketing, sales conversions, systems, people and team development or businesses vision and strategic direction. And we strongly believe in helping businesses improve by giving away valuable information to business owners on all areas of business through our programmes of free business briefings.

We also work collaboratively with a range of partners including major high street banks, local authorities, accountants, solicitors and other professionals for the benefit of both their and our clients.

Most businesses will not hesitate to use professionals for specialist areas like finance, accounts and general legal advice. HR and employment law and health & safety law are no different and technically the risk to an employer for not adhering to employment law and health & safety law is vast.

Pro-Actions relationship with Peninsula means we have a partner that offers our clients such specialist advice and compliments the work we do to help businesses develop their people grow their teams. Peninsula give business owners and management teams peace-of-mind allowing them to focus on the areas of their businesses they understand rather than worrying about detailed employment and health & safety matters that are generally outside their sphere of knowledge and experience.

To arrange a complimentary consultation please contact Chris Povey quoting ‘Pro-Actions’ on Tel: 07966 112 115.

HR Genius

Step-by-step HR guide

HR Genius is an Employment Law archive for employers. This resource is full of useful Employment Law Legislation to help employers.

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Business Awards

Our prestigious 'Business Awards' are presented to cpmanies using Peninsula's Employment Law and Health & Safety management systems.

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Increase in tribunals

Increase in Tribunals

Even if the tribunal has no merit, the costs can be massive. We provide access to leading tribunal defence for business owners in the UK.

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